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St-Laurent Engineered Wood Siding

For the love of wood

A near perfect simulation of real wood, engineered wood siding is guaranteed to add a touch of elegance and value to any project.

The natural wood look brings a warm, welcoming feel to your home; its factory baked-on finish ensures durability and requires very little maintenance. This type of siding is available in a wide variety of colours and at affordable prices.

This type of siding has many advantages: for example, engineered wood siding holds up better against weather variations, insects and mould than natural wood. This solution will keep your home looking beautiful without needing to paint it for years!

Love the wood look? This is the perfect solution for you!



St-Laurent’s engineered wood siding features an easy to install interlocking system with no exposed nails. The innovative self-aligning system ensures the siding is laid perfectly every time. This type of siding can also be cut with standard woodworking tools.


How it's made

Engineered wood is a particle board made from a mixture of wood fibers and residues, which are heat-bonded under pressure using resin and wax. Several layers of industrial paint are then applied and baked at high temperatures to provide superior performance and unparalleled resistance.


  • Natural wood look 
  • Resists delamination, discoloration, cracking, chipping, splitting, swelling and rot
  • Highly resistant, industrial thermoset paint finish
  • 23 standard colours and option for custom colours

St-Laurent V-Joint

Siding designed for horizontal or vertical installation.

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Trim Boards

The essential, tailored to your needs.


A great way to give your project a touch of personality.


A wide range of colours sure to inspire!