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Fiber cement siding


Resistant, durable and remarkable!

St-Laurent fiber cement siding is a unique product that stands out for its durability and strength. In addition to beautifying a project, it offers a remarkable wood-like finish and protection from the elements. Offert en une grande variété de couleurs, ce type de revêtement s’harmonise avec de nombreux styles : rustique, contemporain ou encore moderne. A nice addition to increase the value of a project!

Requiring very little maintenance, the fibrocement siding type HZ5 the fibrocement siding type   It is also distinguished by its fireproof property, resistant to combustion, particularly by its ability to block and prevent the transfer of heat in the event of a fire. Appreciated for its ease of installation and appearance with no visible joints, overlaps or nails, this type of siding is also designed to resist damage from animal and insect pests.

How is it done?

Fiber cement is made from a mixture of cement, water, cellulose fibers, textile fibers and additives. These elements are blended to create lightweight yet strong boards. An industrial paint is then applied in several coats and baked at high temperatures to provide superior performance and unsurpassed strength.


  • Natural wood appearance
  • Non-combustible (which is an advantage with some insurance companies)
  • Natural wood look Resists delamination, discoloration, cracking, chipping, splitting, swelling and rot
  • No visible nails (defined nail line)
  • No apparent joints
  • Highly resistant, industrial thermoset paint finish
  • 20 standard colors and possibility of custom colors

All-cimates resistant


Fade/UV resistant

Insect resistant

Peu entretien

Low maintenance

Fibrociment bardage à clin


Timeless, this style of siding is sure to beautify your projects.

Fibrociment Board Batten

Board & Batten

Vertical farmhouse-style siding - visual impact guaranteed!

Fibrociment moulures

Wood Shingles

Essential, they are adapted to each need.

Fibrociment couleurs


Many colors that will inspire you!

Fibrociment 6¼"

- 6¼" Total width
- 5" Covering width
- 5/16" Thickness
- 12' Length
- 20 Covering sq.ft per package
- 4 pieces per pack
- 25 standard colors & possibility of custom colors

Fibrociment 8¼"

- 8¼" Total width
- 7" Covering width
- 5/16" Thickness
- 12' Length
- 28 Covering sq.ft per package
- 4 pieces per pack
- 25 standard colors & possibility of custom colors